Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee | Operations Committee

The Human Proteomics Program Advisory Committee is responsible for long-range planning and is comprised of the following University of Wisconsin faculty and staff: 

  • Richard Moss, Ph.D.
    Director of the Human Proteomics Program
    Director, UW Cardiovascular Research Center
    Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology and Graduate Studies

  • Paul Ahlquist, Ph.D.
    Paul J. Kaesberg Professor of Oncology and Molecular Virology
    Director, Virology Research Group, Morgridge Institute for Research
    Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  • Chris Bradfield, Ph.D.
    Professor of Oncology, Director of Molecular and Environmental Toxicology
    Interim Director, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

  • John Denu, Ph.D.
    Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry
    Epigenetics Theme Director, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

  • Andreas Friedl, M.D.
    Professor and Chair of Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

  • Lingjun Li, Ph.D.
    Professor of Pharmacy and Chemistry
    Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor  

  • Timothy Kamp, M.D./Ph.D.
    Professor of Medicine and Cell and Regenerative Biology
    Co-Director, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

  • Michael Nork, M.D.
    Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
    McPherson Eye Research Institute